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Drivers License Suspensions

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Drivers License Suspension Defense in Daytona

We’re a nation of drivers. In 2017 there were nearly eight million registered cars and 600,000 registered motorcycles in Florida.

But it’s important to remember that Florida considers a license to drive a motor vehicle a privilege, not a right. As with any privilege,  this one can be taken away for various reasons. In addition to a Driving While Impaired (DUI) conviction or guilty plea, there are a number of reasons why your license can be suspended or revoked. While many drivers license suspensions are related to moving violations, some have nothing to do with the operation of a car. These including a failure to:

  • Pay a traffic fine
  • Answer a traffic court summons
  • Complete mandatory advanced driver improvement (ADI) school
  • Pay child support

In addition, a suspension may follow conviction on many drug possession or sale charges or a finding that a driver is a habitual traffic offender. A non-DUI infraction that results in death or serious injury to another person may also result in a suspension.

Because many suspensions do follow a conviction or a guilty plea to a criminal offense, however, it’s important to understand the consequences of a guilty plea or a potential conviction. For this purpose, a guilty plea is treated as a conviction.

A driver whose license has been suspended may apply for a hardship license that allows him to drive to and from work or on business only. A hardship license applicant must complete the ADI program and pay a reinstatement fee.

Driving After Suspension

It is probably stating the obvious, but driving after your license has been suspended is a bad idea. If you’re caught and it can be proven that you knew you privileges were suspended, the penalty is a $500 fine and possible imprisonment.

If you have been charged with driving on a suspended or revoked license, you should obtain experienced legal help as soon as possible. In addition to the fine and possible jail time, your employment may be at risk and auto insurance will be difficult to obtain and expensive if you can. An experienced attorney can help you make decisions that will have a lasting impact on your life.

The Importance of Effective Legal Representation

Suspension or revocation of your driving privileges can have a serious impact on your daily life. We strongly recommend that you retain legal counsel as soon as possible after you’re notified of a suspension or court appearance. Remember that strict time limits to appeal apply.

Jessica Damoth is an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney in Daytona Beach. She specializes in defending clients facing drivers license suspensions or revocation or with driving on a suspended or revoked license. Call our office today at (386) 846-6043 to schedule a free consultation.

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