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Traffic Offenses

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Daytona Beach, FL. Speeding Violations & Citations Lawyer

Nearly everyone is cited for a traffic violation at some point in their life. When traffic offenses are serious, they become a criminal matter and it is important for defendants to have qualified and experienced legal representation. Offenses like DUI or reckless driving can lead to hefty fines, loss of license, and even jail. An experienced traffic offense attorney helps those facing traffic charges avoid overly-harsh consequences, and in some cases defend against charges entirely.

Daytona Beach traffic offense attorney Jessica Damoth works hard to defend clients against traffic offense charges throughout Central Florida. Since 2007, Jessica has owned her own criminal defense law practice which focuses heavily on criminal traffic cases. If you are facing a criminal traffic charge, contact Jessica Damoth, P.A., to schedule a free consultation today at (386) 846-6043.

Traffic Matters Handled by Jessica Damoth, P.A.

  • DUI. There are a number of defenses to DUI charges, including that an officer was mistaken in his observations, that there was a breathalyzer malfunction, or that involuntary intoxication occurred. Attorney Jessica Damoth can analyze the facts of your case to identify any possible defense. When no defense is possible, Jessica can negotiate with prosecutors to limit the punishment.
  • Speeding. Speeding tickets can also be defended against, or negotiated down to lesser offenses.
  • Racing. Racing is a serious offense that can lead to up to 1 year in jail in Florida. It can even be charged against passengers that knowingly take part in it. If you’ve been charged with racing, Attorney Jessica Damoth can explore any possible defenses and help you mount a vigorous defense.
  • Careless and reckless driving. These types of tickets often come down to how credible an officer’s observations and testimony are. Jessica can help you understand your rights and options, and develop the best possible defense if you are facing a careless or reckless driving charge.
  • Driving while license is suspended.
    • With knowledge – this is a civil citation as the driver is unaware at the time that their drivers license is suspended.
    • Without knowledge – this is a criminal citation that carries possible criminal penalties and results from a person driving once they have been notified that their drivers license has been suspended.
  • Driving with a No Valid License

Driving under a suspended license is another serious offense in Florida. Repeat offenses can lead to especially severe consequences.
Attorney Jessica Damoth can help you defend against a suspended driver’s license charge.

Contact Jessica Damoth, P.A., to Schedule a Free Consultation

Trying to defend against a criminal traffic offense without qualified and experienced legal assistance puts you at risk. If you have been charged with a criminal traffic offense, attorney Jessica Damoth is here to help. Call Jessica Damoth, P.A., to schedule a free consultation at (386) 846-6043 today.